Paving the Way for Prosperity through Sports, Entertainment, and Sustainable Development

A blueprint for culture, hospitality and tourism

Bridging the gap by building iconic communities

Urban Icon International will be a model of Sports and Entertainment developments across the Continent. We are known for our ability to listen and to truly understand the needs of governments. Every project is designed to satisfy the immense need for Sports and Entertainment venues, while enhancing every urban community. This movement will be the catalyst for re-imagining a more promising future in Africa.

Sport and Entertainment:
A Global Economic Driver

We are focused on building vibrant communities across the African Continent. Working directly with stable governments and civic and enterprise leaders, we design, customized  solutions that address their growth, development and investment needs.

We are on a journey to enhance the quality of life by creating new jobs, by building healthy economies, by cultivating a sense of belonging for everyone.

From the trusted relationships we have built over the years, we are confident about the opportunities ahead. Our goal is to enrich the communities we serve, to give back through sports, entertainment and recreation.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainable Development
Goals (SDG)

Our development strategy for Africa contributes to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: We are creating job opportunities, building resilient energy infrastructure and we are making cities inclusive, safe and robust. We respect the cultural heritage and actively collaborate with local and global partners toward our shared sense of sustainability.

Environmental, social and
governance (ESG)

Africa’s future shines brightly, fueled by our commitment to clean energy, empowered communities,  and a thriving cultural ecosystem. By prioritizing local employment and a providing skills development, we fuel the island’s economic engine and foster long-term stability. Our dynamic approach ensures a future powered by a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy mix.

The Sports market in Africa is projected to be worth $40 Billion + by 2026

Investing in sports, entertainment, culture, and tourism in Africa brings about a range of benefits with lasting impact. These sectors play a vital role in economic growth, contributing significantly to a country's GDP while creating abundant employment opportunities. By diversifying the economy, African nations can reduce reliance on traditional industries, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation.

​Furthermore, investing in these sectors leads to improved infrastructure, including the development of stadiums, hotels, and airports. Moreover, these industries facilitate cultural exchange, attracting visitors and investors, allowing heritage to become a catalyst for global engagement and understanding.

​Overall, investing in sports, entertainment, culture, and tourism across Africa creates a ripple effect of economic and social benefits. These factors combine to create a brighter and more prosperous future for the continent, making it an attractive destination for investment and a vibrant hub for diverse experiences and opportunities.

About our founder

Charles D. Smith, the founder of Urban Icon International, is a duel citizen of United States and Cape Verde.  As a Board Member for the Family Office Association in the US, Charles forms global partnerships, aligning the interests of US and international families and other high net worth investors to support African philanthropy and investments.

His journey, over 25 years, is remarkable. After 10 years of playing in the NBA, Charles represented the US as an Olympian. As First Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association, he produced and executed special exhibitions across the globe. Skilled as a deal maker in over a dozen countries, Charles earned a reputation as a results-oriented leader in sports, business and technology deal flow.

His significant relationships, built on his knowledge, integrity, and trustworthiness, have helped him build a team and a company for Africa and beyond.